Through transparency, integrity and efficiency

We make a bridge to growth

Latincorp Group S.R.L. is a leading company in the international commerce of raw materials, food/feed ingredients and specialty chemicals, and is focused on new international business.

Our offices are located in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina), where all operations are carried out.

Through the professional staff, Latincorp helps and represent a large number of global producers offering their highly quality raw materials, feed/food ingredients and specialty chemicals to new customers with the aim to increase commerce and generate long term business relationships.
At LATINCORP, we are constantly working in searching new raw materials and high quality products for our highly demanding clients.

Latincorp also offers additional services such as market research, new customer search abroad and foreign trade advice.

Our work is based on creativity, effort, quality and our entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Values:

Passion, transparency, integrity, efficiency and responsibility.

Our Mission:

Generate international business and provide all the commercial support required to improve and develop the companies’ external business.

Our vision:

Be a leading company in the marketing of products abroad to satisfy the needs of our customers who consider the foreign trade as a development tool and expansion in the global market.

Our best reward is our client’s satisfaction.